This Is Everyday Assignments

There is only one way to avoid criticism. Do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.


Everyday Assignments Is:

The life-long endeavor of learning – even when we don’t always call it education. We learn new things all the time. They’re all assignments taking us from one place to the next. So… we thought Hey, let’s make this fun. Let’s work at making us all better, to understand things all the time. Why set limits? And there is a small confession to make… I want to know what in the world I will think of the books I read in the 9th grade, now at 40.

Advanced Topics Courses

This isn’t your average classroom. Courses created + guided by educators with classroom + industry experience. It is about understanding not memorizing. We want you to experience a new pedagogy. Plus, it’s for everyone!

Education News

Education isn’t what it’s been for a while now. Parents wanna know. Students wannna know. We wanna help. We want to be the best “Teacher’s Lounge” anyone’s ever walked into. Let’s relax, talk, share a cup of coffee, tea. Learn about us from us.

Design + Development

It may seem misplaced, but it’s like mentoring – kinda. You have reasons for taking classes, what you learn, what you talk about. Your age doesn’t matter because we’re all designing something all the time. Develop it too. Stuff should be cool All The Time!

Timeless knowledge at your fingertips

Possibly one of the keys to learning, and to keeping that knowledge fresh, all the time, is understanding. We really do not change what we do, based on what we know, until we understand it. Understanding is what makes knowledge timeless. Be like Michelangelo, or whomever else you admire. Continue learning ’til the age of 88, 90 – Forever.

We Like to Teach Using Mobile Plaforms, too.

You see how businesses are becoming more and more remote by the year? We say year because it takes about that long to notice measurable change. We usually have mobile devices with us. It’s nice to know you have a question that when you send over a message in real-time you get an answer. We use technology at its best because, well, it’s made to be used at its best.

You Can Be Just About Anywhere Doing You.

Time and space restraints are no good. This is about you, and you doing for you. Work at your time. At your pace. In your space.We conference via video. We send messages and get real-time replies. There are so many things out there to do, and so many places to do them. We ask ourselves “where is the need for the limit?” Michelangelo painted on his back to get the sistine Chapel completed. So be on your phone, tablet, walking, the bus, train (We think you get the point). Listen, just use what you find to be useful. It’s that simple.

Our Laissez-Faire Pedagogy Process & Workflow.

We think learning, understanding, using, designing and developing should happen easily and without interruption. It’s an approach where we share what we know, and you decide how you will use it.

Someone else’s goals are probably not the same as yours. It can possibly be guaranteed that they will never be identical. Maybe the same context, but never the same content. You doing you, is about you taking control and having a voice. It’s our method. We do our part, you do yours, and… we all win!
Doing You
About You, your needs, desires. What will get you there.
Play-back Options
Everything will be available for you. When you need it you have it.
Real-Time Learning
Don’t need to login to work. Have a question? Send a message.
Design + Development
You’ve designed your path, and now it’s time to develop it.

Let’s Learn Together

Join our mailing list. Send us a message. Tell us what  are you looking for. We can set something up specifically for you and your needs. Need an AP study course? Wanna learn how to use classics’ ideas in today’s world? Let’s talk. We’ll listen. We create courses because we are seeing they’re necessary. We want you to learn something, and learn how to use it. If that sound like what’d you’d be interested in, let’s talk and start something. We are a bit different from what exists now in the E-Learning marketplace. A bit more tailored. A bit more accessible. Smaller, yes, and that’s what lets us become oriented on the student-focused experience where it’s about you.

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