Welcome to the ERP Academy @iTech @ Thomas A. Edison Educational Center! I’m the ERP Academy teacher, Ms. Moya. This site is created for students & parents of the ERP Academy @iTech. It’s going to be a huge pleasure to go on this journey with you. You all have a huge opportunity in your hands, and well, I hope you see it and run with it.

I’m here to help all of you reach your goals in high school and those that start here and go onto your future. I do my best to make the learning experience as different as possible. Some things may seem new to you because a lot of them come from the business world and how we behave there. I think you guys are no less, and so, I treat you like college students sometimes. I hope to make your experience in the classroom fun, and that you learn and not just memorize things that you’ll forget by your senior year. Learning is a marathon, not a sprint.

Please keep in mind that I have an open-door policy, where if you have an issue you tell me directly and we will find a way to tackle the situation. Remember this, that if you don’t tell me, then I won’t know you’re having a problem. Feel free to talk to me, and as student and teacher we will work together to arrive at a solution.

  • Doug Ross || SAP VP Public Sector
    Doug Ross || SAP VP Public Sector
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    by Donovan Raphael
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    by Vianney Baez
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