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At Everyday Assignments our courses are created to help the learner become better. Better at what they want. To learn new things. To learn more about something. To become an expert. To do their best. It’s because of this that we offer various types of courses, and all meant to augment your knowledge-base. Our method is to create a learning environment that is conversational and teacher-as-mediator in nature. We want to guide you. You have the knowledge. You can easily acquire the knowledge. Now we work at making sure you have access to it.

Business + Entrepreneurship

How do you understand a business idea? How do you get to understand the true essence of a business? How do you take your own ideas and create a venture and thriving start-up? These courses are meant to guide you in that direction.

The Lifestyle Upgrade (Health, Mind, Body)

We’ve worked long and hard at creating the better diet, the better “To-Do” list of habits to have and to extinguish, how to make money, how to live by any means, and on we go. We are still working on it and not every option fits everyone. Maybe integrating a holistic approach can work? It’s all about YOU so, we really are just here suggesting what has worked, science and research-based, and what may be worth a look, a shot, or even a try.

Writing + Literature + Bookclubs

They tell us that to write well you need to read a lot and you need to write a lot. Okay. It makes sense. You need to practice, and practice consistently. Consistency makes you better – reach the 10,000 hours and be the best. The same applies to literature and bookclubs. It’s a little different, of course, but somewhat similar. Reading literature and analyzing it, the better you will get at understanding the reasons as to what caused something to be written, why it was written, and what came afterwards. We look at literature holistically. Our bookclubs are exactly that – clubs. They are open sandboxes – blank slates, discussion rooms, critique forums – just book and reader-focused. And so let’s read folks. Let’s read, a lot!

Usability Engineering

Usability engineering is a professional discipline that focuses on how well an interface can interact with the user – in interactive systems. Engineers define problems using computer science and psychology theories. The designs to improve on or alleviate those problems are then tested at various stages of development by user/usability experience.

Marketing + Branding

Get introduced the “Marketing Mix”. What are those infamous 4 P’s all about, and do we need to add another? What about today’s hyper-connected world? And so you have a product, the most mundane, terrible excuse you can find in an isle. How do you get people to love it? That’s what it’s about.

Social Sciences

The social sciences is more about understanding concepts than memorizing facts. Many times we read what we are given, whether in school, work, or life, but sometimes don’t understand it clearly enough to apply it. It just doesn’t stick. To understand is to make sticky – period. The social sciences need to be sticky. And so lets get to understanding the concepts and facts. Then have them readily available to apply whenever necessary.

Human Factors + Ergonomics

HFE is focused on the reduction of errors and the influence of behaviors. These are the environmental, organizational, and job factors that human and individual factors determine – they influence behavior in a way that can affect health, safety, and efficiency. We are in a world of automation, not to mention our future so close to AI in all places. We are going to need HFE professionals – engineers and psychologists. Lets get started on the future.

UX + Psychology + Design

UX is user experience. It is a person’s emotions + attitudes about using a product, system, or service. Everything that can be included in the human-computer interaction belongs underneath the umbrella of product design, which includes UX, and psychology. And so these 3 topics all affect one another, and they are even interdependent. Psychology will dictate behavior, emotions, actions, etc. UX will help the designer understand how to create the psychologically-based and user-focused product. Design, well design is everywhere. Design truly is everything.

Free Courses

At Everyday Assignments we offer some free courses to help you gain the focus you are looking for. They can include academic courses, or health and wellness upgrade courses, etc. These are only example, but check them out and see if anything piques your interest.

Advanced Topic Courses

Advanced Topic courses are all about diving deeper into the details. The courses we offer are pretty well-focused and are not intro courses unless they are named as such. We recommend that for the advanced topic courses you send us a message. Tell us what you are looking for. Ask us. We welcome your requests.

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