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Whether you want to just try and see if Everyday Assignments is the right fit, or want to start working on courses, or just want tutoring. Our plans are made to fit with your schedule and needs. 

What you Get by Enrolling

You get access to our courses, get access to our tutoring & mentoring, and get access to a new way of learning that puts the student first. It’s time we started focusing on who matters most. 

100+ Interactive Courses

We have over 100 courses fit for almost any type of goal or dream. Whether you want to review a subject, learn more, tutor yourself, or add to your resume. We have it.

Video Tutorials

We’ve learned that videos are easy to follow. Videos share information actively, and they make the process of learning easier so the knowledge-transfer stays. 

Fun & Prized Challenges

Learning’s got to be fun. When we are young we get prizes for learning things. Why not when we are older too? Now we challenge each other. It’s more fun that way!

New Daily Content

We are adding new content to Everyday Assignments on a daily basis. Whether it’s an article for parents, for students, extra “read-ups” on subjects, or videos. We’ll have something up.

Mobile App Usage

We want to always be available, and so we are always connected. Our primary goal is to be live when you need us. That’s part of the learning experience of Everyday Assignments.

Knowledge Community

We want to build based on what we’re learning and working on. We should feel free to ask questions, and even just talk and make friends. Connections are great! Good relationships are necessary!

Become an expert

Whatever we are working on, we want to be really good at it. That’s our goal here. We want to help make you the best you want to be. So we help via the classes. We answer questions. We tutor and mentor you. We sometimes tend to go into in-depth explanations. The whole purpose is to make you an expert at what you’re working on. Even if it’s not the career you’re looking for and it’s just a stepping-stone class, we still want to help you get to where you want to be. 


We usually have questions before we make decisions. We want clarification, and this is exactly what this is for. If you don’t see your question answered, then please send us a message!

How does the free trial work?

The free trial is precisely that – FREE. You get to look around for 30 days, try a few things, and even get tutoring to see if it’s something that works well with what you are trying to learn. Be reminded that tutoring does not only have to be about classes in school. Tutoring can be based on Human Factors also, for example, and just an in-depth look at the questions you have.

How often do you release new content?

We release new content on a daily basis. This can be articles, it can be videos, it can be something geared towards parents, students, educators. It can be a whole new class. We always want to keep Everyday Assignments fresh for you to find new tools to feed your ideas – help them grow into fruition. Keep on the lookout or join our mailing list to get consistent updates. 

Do you offer Development courses?

Yes. We offer courses to help you develop different skills. If you use the term “development” as in software development, then we invite you to look at the courses we have available at the time, and see if these take you in that direction. We really think development goes beyond coding. Development is also design, and understanding tools and what they mean to the user. Here development ties into UI, UX, HF, Ergonomics, Psychology. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You can cancel whenever you’d like. We will then prorate your usage for the month, if your canceling towards the middle, for example, and refund you whatever you have not used – in days. We want to be fair, and make sure that you are happy with your experience and results. If canceling for the time being includes that then we will accept your request. It’s our way of saying thank you.

What age groups do you support?

We support all age groups. As you will see some of the courses are review courses for elementary students. Some of the courses will be for adults looking to enhance their curriculum vitae adding new skills and knowledge. There is also high school and testing in Everyday Assignments. There is something for every age group here, and that is because we are niche in our methods, in our knowledge base, yet that needs to include everyone!

What if I get stuck on a lesson?

If you get stuck on a lesson do not fret. That’s why we have the Slack channels available to you. There is no need to wait for a community post to answer your question. Sometimes we are in a “hurry” to understand something, or are so “in the zone” that a “quick fix” is all we need to move on! That’s what the mobile app usage and access is all about! That’s why Everyday Assignments is about learning on YOUR time! It’s about YOU!

Free Courses

At Everyday Assignments we offer some free courses to help you gain the focus you are looking for. They can include academic courses, or health and wellness upgrade courses, etc. These are only example, but check them out and see if anything piques your interest.

Advanced Topic Courses

Advanced Topic Courses are all about diving deeper into the details. The courses we offer are pretty well-focused and are not intro courses unless they are named as such. We recommend that for the advanced topic courses you send us a message. Tell us what you are looking for. Ask us. We welcome your requests.

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