We are Passionate About Students Doing Only Their Best

Our tutoring methods are like our teaching methods. We allow students to take control of their learning  because this way they are happier to learn and be tutored. We want students to follow along, not dislike every moment of their sessions. So what do we do? We learn from them at the same time they learn from us!

Individual Online Tutoring

Tutoring occurs virtually, and sometimes in person depending on your location. 

We work one-on-one with students so they receive the best, most personalized experience gaining the knowledge they need to succeed. We sometimes work in groups also, though. Sometimes it’s good for students to learn from one another and interact. We always keep these groups to less than 5, though. 

Classrooom Lessons

The lessons you are learning in class are what we want to cover in your tutoring sessions. Let’s keep things relevant!

We don’t want to stray away from what your teachers are teaching you. That’s why we choose to learn from you as well as we tutor you. We are in this learning process together. We have the knowledge, you have the base, and we work together to get you to your best!

Subject Bootcamps

We create subject Bootcamps so you can really get the jest of the material. Basically, we focus more to make sure you understand more and can apply more. 

Our subject bootcamps are created so one subject is being focused on at a time and for an extended period. This is not just about doing homework. This is about getting to the core of the subject, lets say physical science, geometry, English, or economics. Bootcamps are created for three reasons: 1. Focus 2. Understanding 3. Application. 

Education is in Our Blood

We are teachers. We study teaching. We are educated in pedagogy. We are also industry experts, but we will always be teachers first. Our focus is to understand the materials we work with, to teach them, and to use them. That lets us work inside and outside the classroom. Our goals are to get you ready for your journeys. 

Our Instructors

Our tutors and instructors are experts at what they do. Here they are ready to work with you. 

They’re all saying “Hi” to you! Like we’ve mentioned we are educators, but we are also experts. That’s kinda why we like educating. We know what we are doing. We work in the field, and bring our knowledge back to you to make you awesome experts just te same. 

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Computer Science

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Natural Sciences

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Elementary Education

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Cathy Waller

Social Sciences

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Liberal Arts 

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Free Courses

At Everyday Assignments we offer some free courses to help you gain the focus you are looking for. They can include academic courses, or health and wellness upgrade courses, etc. These are only example, but check them out and see if anything piques your interest.

Advanced Topic Courses

Advanced Topic Courses are all about diving deeper into the details. The courses we offer are pretty well-focused and are not intro courses unless they are named as such. We recommend that for the advanced topic courses you send us a message. Tell us what you are looking for. Ask us. We welcome your requests.

Join the Revolution

Education is changing a lot. We are learning more because we are required to, but we are also learning more because we want to. We wanna be a portal to that knowledge you take in.

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