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Learning at your own pace with interactive tools creates habits that advance your experience and develop your knowledge. We focus on understanding and application. Your success is focused on you.

We think learning, understanding, using design and developing should happen easily and without interruption. It’s an approach where we share what we know, and you decide how you will use it. 

Someone else’s goals are probably not the same as yours. It can be almost guaranteed that they will never be identical. Maybe the same context, but never the same content. or vice versa.

You doing you, is about you taking control and having a voice. It’s our method. We do our part, you do yours, and… we all win! We get to teach you. You get to learn. We get to share and build when sharing with you and helping to build you. 


Let’s GO


Real Work. Real Results.


There are reasons why a private school education is more suitable for some students. We are student-focused and based your personalized curriculum on your strengths and abilities. There is no need to elongate a process where students lose interest when they are apt enough to succeed beforehand. We want to prepare you like that.

Certified Development

If you have designed your path to success we want to help you develop it. We mentor you along the way based on our education & industry knowledge so that your ideas, alongside knowledge you may agree with can help you reach your ultimate goals. 


Virtual Tutoring

Some subject matter is more tedious than others. Sometimes we simply have not been taught how to learn certain material. We believe that there is no impediment to learning. We believe sometimes we simply do not know how to understand the concepts behind what we need to learn. We are here to help you there too.


Learning is ever-lasting. We learn all of the time. We don’t always notice, but sometimes we want to do things that are for recreation but ad to our knowledge-base. Part of what we offer are free courses and clubs where you can come together and work with individuals with similar interests.


Offers & Details


State certified instruction & tutoring.


Advanced & accelerated education tailored to your needs & goals.


Industry certifications available throughout the program.


Advanced & student-centered pedagogy focused on your success.


Real Work.
  Real Results.



There are reasons why a private school education is more suitable for some students. This private school is student-focused and is based on student needs and abilities. There is no need to elongate a process where students lose interest when they are apt enough to succeed beforehand. We want to prepare you like that. 

knowledge strength

The courses offered at Everyday Assignments are all advanced and  accelerated because we know not every school fits the abilities of every student. We want to let you learn at your pace. As fast as that may be.

always learning

Education is about the student and how that student learns best. As long as there is application and understanding, learning is taking place. That’s the difference.

constant development

Learning is a life-long endeavor. We always have the ability to create something new by applying our knowledge. We need to work towards that.

what They’re Saying


In modeling the Lee and Marlene Canter Assertive Discipline Model, students and teachers will mutually share their expectations of each other on the first day of class. These are the teachers rights, and the student rights that each will be held accountable for. When there is behavior that goes against the expectations of teachers towards students students will be notified and actions as per the “contract of rights” will be taken. Students are always able to voice their opinions if they feel their rights have been violated in the classroom. If the students’ rights are deemed violated a mutually beneficial adjustment will be made to prevent this from happening. This is meant to promote a more fluid classroom and learning environment. 


Assertive Discipline Model of Lee & Marlene Canter

In modeling the Rudolf Dreikurs model of Social Discipline teachers will ignore remarks made by students that are not conducive to the learning environment. This model is focused on re-direction, and if students interrupt the learning environment in order to maintain stability and balance for the remainder of the students teachers re-direct this behavior. Asking questions for discussion, that include the student gives that student a voice to speak their concerns and opinions. This provides an open environment where the teacher is guide, and student as well. The teacher becomes a part of the classroom, and is not solely the leader of the classroom. Students are always encouraged to share their opinions. This openness is exemplary and necessary.


Social Discipline Model of Rudolf Dreikurs

In Ginott’s model of congruent communication the teacher speaks to the students in his/her own “voice”. Instruction is provided and introduced to the students in a manner that is natural to their teacher, and more natural to the student as well. Students feel a sense of belonging because the teacher is not only the “narrator” of the class. In this way the teacher is able to entice positive behavior. Behavior that helps students learn and feel more at ease in the knowledge transfer of even “difficult” subject matter. Essentially the student psychologically allows themself to learn by removing barriers to accepting, comprehending, and applying knowledge they acquire. Here students will create their own checks-and-balance systems to promote discipline in the classroom. They become adamant at experiencing learning itself.

Congruent Communication Learning Model of Haim Ginott

Education Plans

What works best for you? Private schooling for Middle and High School students? Tutoring? Profesional Developments?

*Please be aware that any changes made to these plans are the sole rights of Everyday Assignments LLC. If a contract is signed the changes will not take effect until determined and communicated to the customer by Everyday Assignments LLC.

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