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IBM Watson

iTech’s ERP Academy has made a partnership with IBM’s Watson bringing Watson Analytics to the ERP Academy. We will begin working with data sets via Excel to analyze data and obtain smarter, cognitive computing answers to questions businesses ask on a daily basis. How should X amount of dollars be invested? Where should a new store focus its market penetration to increase it’s ROI (return on investment)? In what ways may it be necessary to change or improve an ERP student’s Big Idea to make sure it succeeds in the marketplace?

All of these are business questions that need answering before investment decisions are made. We need to keep in mind that investment is not only money-based. Investment is time. Investment is effort and determination. The ERP Academy is arming students with the newest and most innovative way to make these decisions based on data that tells stories and helps predict outcomes.

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What is Watson Analytics? What is Cognitive Computing? How is it beneficial to business?

Here is Watson winning on Jeopardy.